Which Type of Sticker Suitable For Me?

General Usage / Formboard / Polycarbonate / PP Hollow

Try our DPI V8110(M) or 3M IJ15 / IJ16 Series

Vehicle Partial Wrap

Using 3M IJ35C for permanent solution, or 3M IJ56C for easy removal. Limited buget? Look for DPI V8112(M)-BF sticker, value for money, easy for application.

Vehicle Full Wrap

Best with 3M IJ180mC series cast film, or optional Arlon Cast Film

ABS Surface

Most of the self adhesive vinyl stick will on it

Fleet Vehicles

Arlon DPF 510 Series is the best option, which last up to 3 years. Alternately you can use 3M IJ16 series for short term, or 3M IJ1220 for longer durability.

Petrol Stations Applications

Choice of 3M 3650 Film or Arlon DPF 9000

Perforated View Glass / Windows

One way vision DPI O6313(G) is best choice, come with black adhesive with 2 years durability

Signage / Signboard

Recommended for Arlon DPF510 Series or 3M IJ1220 Series. Optional for DPI B232S for backlit signboard

Newly Paint Wall / Dusty Wall

Must let the wall dry-off from paint at least 72 hrs, clean the wall before apply any stickers. 3M IJ1220 series can last for 2 years++

Rough Surface / Cement Wall

Get High Tack Sticker DPI V8820(M) or V8830(S)

Anti-dust / Anti-mold Painted Wall

Basically not recommended to apply any self adhesive vinyl on it, as the sticker won't stick well. Can try apply adhesive enhancer at edges to prevent sticker drop off

Anti Graffiti / Powder Coated Surface

Basically this surface not suitable for any self adhesive vinyl. Can pre-apply adhesive enhancer on the surface before apply the stickers, but no guarantee the sticker won't drop off

Textured Surface

Depend on the texture, use high tack sticker DPI V8820(M) or V8830(S) for good adhesion

Gelcoat Surface (Fiberglass)

DPI V8120(M) or V8130(S) high opaque sticker will be the best

PVA / Polystyrene / Polyethylene / Polypropylene

Most of the self adhesive vinyl won't work on it, alternately you can try high tack DPI V8820(M) or V8830(S) for better adhesion, or apply adhesive enhancer

Skim Coated Wall / Partitions

3M IJ1220 / 3M IJ16 or Arlon DPF510MT / DPF 510GT grey adhesive vinyl sticker series will helps you. Alternately, you can consider DPI V8120(M) or V8130(S)

Wood Surface

Due to the surface is slightly texture, you can use DPI V8120(M) or V8130(S) series, good adhesion with high opaque. 3M IJ1220 or Arlon DPF510 series also is a good choice for longer durability

Metal Surface (Smooth)

Basically, any self adhesive vinyl work on that, but for easy application or dry application, use bubble free DPI V8112(M)-BF

Outdoor Bricks Wall

Must use high tack sticker, DPI V8820(M) or V8830(S)

Metal Surface (Rough)

Need a good adhesion self adhesive vinyl, can try DPI V8820(M) or V8830(S)

Glass / Windows

Well-known 3M IJ15-114 sure can help. Make sure the windows and edges was cleaned. Best using DPI V8200(G)-UC for ultra clear HD view

Mica Coated Plywood

This surface is subjective. If you need strong hold, use DPI V8820(M) or V8830(S). Apply some adhesive enhancer at the edge if need

Smooth Surface Tiles (Medium / Big)

Most of the self adhesive vinyl suit it. For easy removal, use removable self adhesive products, exp: 3M IJ15 series / Arlon DPF510 series

Mosaic Tiles

Use high tack DPI V8820(M) or V8830(S), this is due to the uneven and railing distanced on every small mosaic

Rough Surface Tiles (Medium / Big)

Use high tack DPI V8820(M) or V8830(S), the result is satisfying

Overlap Application / Grey Adhesive Stickers

Need overlap? Use grey adhesive vinyl 3M IJ16 / 3M IJ35C / DPF 510MT or 510GT. High opaque sticker DPI V8120(M) / V8130(S) are another option

Frosted Windows

Need frosted effect for windows? Look for DPI V9000F frosted sticker

Others Application

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