After Sales Services

HP Care Pack Services for HP Latex Printers and Roland DG Service for Roland Large Format Printers are specialized support programs tailored to meet the needs of users operating these specific types of printing equipment.

HP Care Pack Services

extend the standard warranty coverage for HP Latex Printers, offering customers additional peace of mind against unexpected hardware failures or defects. They encompass technical support services provided by HP's experts, including assistance with printer setup, troubleshooting, and resolution of technical issues. Some plans may include remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities, enabling proactive identification and resolution of potential problems. Onsite support services are available for certain packages, where HP technicians can visit customers' locations to perform repairs or maintenance tasks.

Roland DG Service

is similarly comprehensive, offering technical support, onsite assistance, parts replacement, software updates, and training for users of Roland Large Format Printers. This service ensures that customers have access to genuine Roland DG parts and technical expertise whenever needed. It also provides software updates and upgrades to keep printers equipped with the latest features and compatibility improvements. Training and education resources may be included to help users maximize the capabilities of their Roland printers and enhance productivity.