Roland Printers

Roland DG Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in producing digital printing and cutting technologies for various industries, including sign-making, graphic arts, textiles, personalization, and more. We offer a range of products that combine printing, cutting, and other precision technologies to create high-quality and versatile solutions. One of their notable product lines is the Roland Printer series, which includes various models designed for different applications.

VersaUV Series

This series includes UV-LED printers that can print on a wide range of substrates, including rigid materials like acrylic and boards, as well as flexible materials like vinyl and fabric. These printers utilize UV-curable inks that are cured by UV-LED lamps, allowing for vibrant and durable prints that are resistant to fading and scratching.

TrueVIS Series

The TrueVIS series combines printing and cutting capabilities in one device. These eco-solvent printers offer a wide color gamut and are designed for applications like signs, banners, vehicle graphics, labels, and more. They come with advanced features such as automated ink circulation and flexible color configurations for enhanced print quality and efficiency.

Texart Series

This series focuses on dye-sublimation printing for textiles and soft signage. Roland Texart printers are designed to produce vibrant, detailed, and wash-resistant prints on fabrics, which are commonly used in apparel, sportswear, interior décor, and promotional items.