DPI Grafix Media

DPI's house brand media not only encompasses a wide range of materials but also offers customization options such as varying thicknesses, finishes, and adhesive strengths to suit specific printing requirements. Whether it's indoor displays, outdoor signage, or artistic reproductions, DPI's diverse media offerings provide solutions for a multitude of large format printing applications. Additionally, the availability of OEM media ensures quality and consistency across different products, giving customers peace of mind in their printing projects.

Here's a breakdown of the different types of media available within DPI's house brand:

Vinyl Films

Entry-Level Vinyl Film: Designed for general-purpose applications, this vinyl film offers versatility and affordability.

High Opaque Vinyl Film: Provides excellent opacity, making it ideal for applications where hiding underlying surfaces is crucial.

Bubble-Free Vinyl Film: Features a specialized adhesive technology that facilitates easy installation without the formation of air bubbles, ensuring a smooth finish.

Outdoor UV-Resistant Lamination Film

This lamination film is engineered to provide protection against UV radiation, ensuring long-lasting durability and color retention, especially in outdoor environments with prolonged sun exposure.

PP Synthetic Media

Polypropylene (PP) synthetic media offers durability and moisture resistance, making it suitable for outdoor signage, banners, and displays. It's tear-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for long-term outdoor applications.

Fabric Media

Fabric media provides a unique texture and appearance, offering a more sophisticated and tactile option compared to traditional vinyl or paper media. It's suitable for a variety of applications including banners, flags, trade show displays, and interior decor.

Backlit Media

Backlit media is specifically designed for use in illuminated displays and signage. It features light diffusion properties that ensure even light distribution, resulting in vibrant and eye-catching graphics, especially in dimly lit environments.

Canvas Media

Canvas media offers a premium option for fine art reproduction, photographic prints, and decorative applications. It provides a textured surface that adds depth and dimension to printed images, mimicking the look and feel of traditional canvas paintings.