3M Digital Print Media

3M is a renowned company known for its innovation and diverse product lines. Within its digital printing media family, ranging from the 3M IJ15 series to the 3M IJ180 series, the company offers a comprehensive range of solutions catering to various printing needs across industries.

Here's an overview of the 3M digital printing media family:

3M IJ15 Series

The 3M IJ15 series is typically an introductory line of digital printing media, often used for short-term indoor and outdoor applications. It's designed for use with solvent, UV, and latex inkjet printing systems. Common applications include posters, banners, and temporary signage.

3M IJ35 Series

The 3M IJ35 series is a step up from the IJ15 series, offering improved durability and versatility. It's suitable for medium-term indoor and outdoor applications and is compatible with solvent, UV, and latex inkjet printers. Applications include vehicle graphics, point-of-purchase displays, and promotional signage.

3M IJ40 Series

The 3M IJ40 series represents another advancement in durability and performance. It's engineered for long-term outdoor applications, providing enhanced resistance to UV exposure and environmental elements. This series is ideal for fleet graphics, outdoor signage, and architectural applications.

3M IJ46 Series

The 3M IJ46 series builds upon the features of the IJ40 series, offering superior conformability and ease of installation. It's designed for challenging surfaces like rivets, corrugations, and complex curves, making it suitable for vehicle wraps, textured walls, and irregular substrates.

3M IJ180 Series

The 3M IJ180 series is one of the flagship products in 3M's digital printing media lineup. It's engineered for the most demanding applications, offering exceptional conformability, durability, and versatility. This series is commonly used for vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, architectural wraps, and other high-impact outdoor signage.

Key Features Across the Series

Durability: Each series offers varying levels of durability, catering to different application requirements and environmental conditions.

Compatibility: The media are designed to work seamlessly with solvent, UV, and latex inkjet printing systems, ensuring excellent print quality and color fidelity.

Versatility: From short-term indoor graphics to long-term outdoor signage, the 3M digital printing media family covers a wide range of applications.

Conformability: Certain series, like the IJ46 and IJ180, offer exceptional conformability, allowing for easy application on curved surfaces and irregular substrates.