Arlon Graphic Media

Arlon Graphics is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality printing media designed for various applications, including vehicle wraps, outdoor signage, and architectural graphics. The company offers a range of products tailored to different printing technologies and environmental conditions. Let's explore Arlon's printing media from the DPF510 series to the DPF9000 series:

DPF510 Series

The DPF510 series is typically an entry-level line of digital printing media, suitable for short-term indoor and outdoor applications. It is commonly used for promotional graphics, point-of-purchase displays, and temporary signage. DPF510 features include:

Economy-grade film suitable for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex printing. Short-term durability with removable adhesive. Gloss and matte finish options.

DPF6000XRP Series

The DPF6000XRP series is designed for medium-term outdoor applications that require extended durability and conformability. This series is often used for fleet graphics, vehicle wraps, and outdoor signage. Key features include:

High-performance adhesive for improved durability and conformability. Excellent print quality with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex inks. Superior resistance to UV exposure and environmental elements.

DPF6100XLP Series

The DPF6100XLP series offers similar features to the DPF6000XRP but with an emphasis on low-profile adhesive for easier application on challenging surfaces. It provides excellent conformability around curves, rivets, and corrugations, making it ideal for textured surfaces and vehicle wraps.

DPF6500 Series

The DPF6500 series is engineered for long-term outdoor applications requiring exceptional durability and performance. It offers superior resistance to UV exposure, chemicals, and abrasion, ensuring graphics remain vibrant and intact even in harsh environments. DPF6500 is commonly used for fleet graphics, architectural wraps, and outdoor signage.

DPF8000 Series

The DPF8000 series represents a step up in performance, offering premium quality and durability for high-impact graphics applications. It features advanced adhesive technology for easy installation and excellent conformability, even on complex curves and textured surfaces. DPF8000 is well-suited for vehicle wraps, architectural wraps, and long-term outdoor signage.

DPF9000 Series

The DPF9000 series is Arlon's flagship product, designed for the most demanding applications that require the highest level of performance and durability. It features a proprietary adhesive system that ensures reliable adhesion and conformability, even in extreme environmental conditions. DPF9000 is the top choice for premium vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, and outdoor signage where longevity and quality are paramount.

Overall, Arlon Graphics offers a comprehensive range of printing media solutions, catering to diverse application requirements and printing technologies. Whether it's short-term promotions or long-term branding projects, Arlon's lineup provides options for high-quality, durable graphics suitable for various environments and surfaces. Explore more Arlon products, application tips and support from below video library: