• Roland Eco-UV EUV5 Ink Pouch

Roland Eco-UV EUV5 Ink Pouch

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New Roland EUV 5 ink offers significant cost savings versus previous generations, as well as further safety enhancements. The orange and red ink options boost color gamut, adding vibrancy, visibility and impact to create stunning printed graphics. Come with 750ml ink pouch.

A new improved printable primer option offers even greater media compatibility. So, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll deliver exceptional images print after print.VersaUV boasts a unique ink configuration that can include orange, red, white and gloss ink in addition to CMYK colors and primer. The high-opacity white ink is ideal for producing rich, dense color graphics on clear, dark, opaque and even metallic substrates. The gloss ink adds capabilities that include high-gloss area highlighter (spot varnish), full flood gloss or matt finishing for added durability and special effects, such as three-dimensional textures and embossing by printing multiple layers of gloss ink. Orange and red ink further increases color gamut, adding vibrancy and impact to graphics. The combination of these features enables the production of exclusive prints that command premium prices, while reducing considerably production costs over conventional workflows.