• Roland Eco-UV EUV4 Ink

Roland Eco-UV EUV4 Ink

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Droplets of ECO-UV ink are cured by UV light immediately after they land on the surface of the media, leaving no time for the droplets to react or be absorbed by the media. This virtually eliminates any ink and media compatibility issues, meaning that VersaUV ink is able to adhere onto a wide variety of coated and uncoated media and 3D objects. Many stock media for equipment such as label printers and offset printers can be printed with VersaUV ink without any special treatment. The vast substrate compatibility of VersaUV ink means that users can print directly on three-dimensional objects such as awards, pens and giftware, acrylic plaques, golf balls, mobile phone covers and even laptop computers. Come with 220ml ink cartridge.

Compatible with: Roland LEF12i, LEF200, LEF300 Printer