• LDP Raptor 2 P3 UV Printer

LDP Raptor 2 P3 UV Printer

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  • RAPTOR 2-P3 model, printable surface up to 3.2 meters.
  • Suitable for printing soft and elastic materials.
  • LED-UV curing system: the ink is dried instantly, and the curing process does not produce high temperature, which printing on heat sensitive materials possible.
  • Precise and stable tension system driving materials in perfect condition (flat without any wrinkle) for printing without any issue, even with elastic and soft materials.
  • Anti-static electricity device to reduce ink flying issue, and anti-collision induction device to avoid collisions during printing process causing damage to the print heads.


Print headRicoh Gen6 (5pl)
InkGUV Series Ink / HUV Series Ink
Media typePP, PVC, Backlit, Canvas, Fabric, etc...
SpeedPrint head467101420

High speed49 m²74 m²74 m²148 m²

Production40 m²60 m²60 m²120 m²

Sandwich--20 m²40 m²

Hi-Density20 m²30 m²30 m²60 m²
Resolution720 x 900 dpi / 720 x1200 dpi
ColorsCyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black / Light Cyan / Light Magenta / White
WeightNet. weight 1500KG ( 3307lbs ) / Gross weight 2000KG ( 4409lbs )
Machine dimensions (mm)L 5600 / W 1310 / H 1650
Packing dimensions (mm)L 5850 / W 1400 / H 2000
Power requirementSingle Phase 220V ± 10% (50/60Hz,AC)