• iECHO BK4 High Speed Digital Cutting System
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iECHO BK4 High Speed Digital Cutting System

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IECHO new BK4 cutting system is for single layer (few layers) cutting, can work on process automatically and accurately, like through cut, milling, V groove, marking, etc. It can be widely used in the industries of automotive interior, advertising, furniture and composite, etc. BK4 cutting system, with its high precision and efficiency, provides automated cutting solutions to variety of industries.

Intelligent IECHOMC Precision Motion Control
The cutting speed can reach 1800mm/s. IECHO MC motion control module makes the machine run more intelligently. Different motion modes can be changed easily to deal with different products.

IECHO Silencer System
By using IECHO's latest system to create a comfortable working environment, about 65dB in energy saving mode.

Intelligent Conveyor System
Intelligent control of material conveyor realizes the whole work of cutting and collecting, realized continuous cutting for super-long product, saving labor and improved production efficiency.