LDP RAPTOR 3.2M Hybrid-UV Printer

This innovative Hybrid technology affords the possibility to print on a large choice of materials from solvent, latex and UV. Replace solvent and eco-solvent with a better and greener solution at a very affordable price. Cheaper and faster than true UV, it's the perfect solution for outdoor applications. 

Glossy & Matte effects

Hybrid UV, lamination effects and benefits. High scratch resistance with friction index up to 267 (higher than traditional printing with varnish). Glossy and matte printing effects, for various demands, becoming very easy with just a push of a button. Get away with tedious lamination process or glossy/matte media selection, reducing post production operation cost and wastes. Zero cost to your lamination process!

Low in total printing cost

* Power comsumption of LED-UV is 1/5 of conventional UV lamp.

* Saving up to 30% energy through LDP LED-UV lamp reflection system.

* Hybrid UV printer cost is half of other industrial UV machine.

* Higher ink coverage thus lower ink consumption.

* Higher printhead lifecycle, more than twice of solvent printer.

* Printout with high water-resistance without lamination, saving cost & time of tedious lamination process.

* High adhesive ink, no pre-coating of media needed, suitable for heat sensitive media.

Fast with high print quality

* High printing quality with high speed, up to 97m2 in 4 pass.

* Efficient Hybrid UV curing process, no drying time needed. Printout is dry and ready after printing.

* HNo warming up time needed with LED-UV technology, no waiting time needed for printer to get ready.

Vivid color with high glossiness

* Exceptional high glossy effect, beyond traditional UV or solvent printout. Just like adding varnish to your prints.

* High vivid color with wide color gamut, smooth color gradient with high details.

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