HP Latex 570 64in Printer

Cost-effective production, easily integrated into your fleet
Sustain high productivity on speed, easy operation
Get vivid color and consistent quality over time
Manage your fleet easily and cost effectively
HP Latex Inks enable more differentiation - odorless prints go where solvent can't
HP Latex Optimizer
HP Latex Inks
HP Latex Printheads
High Efficiency Curing
Prints are completely cured and dry inside the printer, and ready for immediate finishing and delivery
Easy Maintenace and Operation
HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS)
3-liter high-capacity HP ink cartridges
Reduce expense with cost effective 3-liter HP Latex ink cartridges
Printer Status Beacon
HP Custom Sustrate Profiling
Spindless System
Wiper Roller
Heavier Rolls

Download - HP Latex 570 64in Printer Brochure

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