VersaUV LEF2 Benchtop UV Flatbed Printer Series

Benchtop UV Flatbed Printers Expand Your Imagination
With superior ease and efficiency, you can print brilliant color and realistic textures for amazingly lifelike graphics plus premium finishes including simulated embossing on almost anything. Now available in a choice of three models featuring different work areas and heights in a stylish form factor, the LEF2 series will redefine your business.

Print Directly on a Wide Range of Materials
Unlike other inkjet printers, the LEF2 series employs UV-LED lamps to instantly cure ink on the surface of material with UV light, allowing you to print directly onto PVC and plastics, canvas, wood, leather, fabric, and more. Now the addition of Primer ink opens up the possibility of printing on an even wider variety of materials.

True-to-Life Prints Created by Exceptional Image Quality and Special Effects
With the VersaUV LEF2 series, you can produce photos, graphics and finely-detailed text with unmatched print quality. In addition, the LEF2 series enables printing amazingly lifelike textures and simulated 3D embossing as well as gloss and matte finishes by overprinting multiple layers of Clear ink and changing the timing of UV light irradiation.
As well as CMYK and Clear inks, White ink is also available to ensure that colors pop on dark or clear substrates.

On-Board Primer Makes Printing on Difficult Materials Easy
Previously, when you wanted to print on a material that ink doesn’t easily adhere to, it was necessary to manually apply a primer coat. To shorten the production process, the LEF2 series features an optional on-board Primer* cartridge for priming objects quickly and conveniently on a variety of different materials. Users can easily prepare an object for customization by first printing Primer ink directly from the VersaWorks software before printing full-color graphics. The possibilities of UV printing can now be expanded to an even wider variety of materials.

From Hard to Soft Materials and From Flat to Curved Objects
Capable of stretching around the most complex corners and curves as well as printing on soft materials such as leather and fabric, advanced Roland ECO-UV ink formulations are designed for both flexibility and beautiful imaging. With the LEF2-300/200, materials up to 100 mm (3.94 in.) thick can be loaded, and a height tolerance of 2 mm facilitates printing on irregular and curved objects. Furthermore, the new LEF2-300D supports a maximum thickness of 200 mm (7.87 in.) in the height direction, allowing you to print not only on thicker materials, but also on a wider variety of shapes by incorporating a more diverse assortment of jigs.

Print Just One or Many
With the LEF2 series, you can print several items or as few as one at a time on demand. This important feature gives you the versatility to create prototypes, check the finish of a printed image, produce a special one-of-a-kind gift, or print a small volume of items in-house.

A Choice of Productivity and Printing Areas
The LEF2 lineup includes three models with different work sizes and printing speeds. Choose the one that best suits your work volume and the size of the material you wish to print.

High Reliability and Safety
The LEF2 series adopts a new cleaning system for improved operation and reliability. A Head Refresh feature removes any ink remaining on the printheads and cleans the printhead surface to maintain the health of your printer.
Should a printhead clog, a new Nozzle Mask function allows you to continue printing while using the remaining part of the printhead. An airtight cover protects operators from UV light and prevents dust from settling onto the surface of materials while printing. The LEF2 series UV printers require no special electrical requirements, are simple to operate and run safe, clean and cool.

Full Specification: Roland VersaUV LEF2 Series Benchtop UV Printer

Brochure: Roland VersaUV LEF2 Series

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