IU-1000F Large Format UV-LED Flatbed Printer

Delivering a Wide Range of Profitable Applications to the Printing Industry
IU-1000F employs UV-LED flatbed printing technology to print directly on various material types, including rigid boards up to 2,510 × 1,310 mm size, 110 mm thickness, and 45 kg/m2 weight. The introduction of exclusively developed high-density, high-adhesion UV inks, which are certified GREENGUARD Gold for safe indoor use, enables the IU-1000F to print on a wide range of substrates, including acrylic, PETG, PVC board, foam board, PC, wood, corrugated polypropylene board, aluminum composite plate, and even on metal and glass that are generally difficult to adhere to by using primer ink.

Reliable Productivity for Responding to Short Delivery Times During Your Busy Season
The IU-1000F achieves wide-pass printing thanks to 12 high-performance inkjet printheads in a staggered 3-row arrangement. Printing time for a typical 4' × 8' (1,220 × 2,440 mm) size rigid board averages about 15 boards per hour in the everyday “Standard” print mode. About 10 sheets can be printed even in the “Quality” print mode that provides high image quality.
When printing CMYK and white layers at the same time, the Double White configuration can print approximately 6 boards per hour in Standard print mode for quick delivery.

Precision Printing Technology to Meet High Quality Requirements
12 high-definition print heads with 1,280 nozzles per unit produce high-resolution printing of up to 635 x 1,800 dpi at high speed.
Variable dot printing technology can simultaneously fire droplets of 5 pl (picoliters), 7pl, and 15 pl, achieving high-definition images, smooth gradations, and high-density solid color printing all at the same time.
IU-1000F’s exclusive image processing technology prevents banding, mottling and other typical inkjet printing image quality issues for seamless sign graphics production even at high-speed.

Inline Ionizer Equipped for High Definition Print Results
When printing on substrates that may become charged with static electricity, such as corrugated polypropylene boards, the firing accuracy of fine inkjet droplets can be affected. The IU-1000F incorporates an ionizer mounted inline on the print carriage to remove static electricity from the media surface, achieving precision droplet-firing accuracy and high-quality printing results.

Low Running Cost Boosts High Profitability
The UV flatbed mechanism enables direct printing on rigid boards. This eliminates the necessity of mounting printed output on boards or panels, reducing the cost of roll media and the finishing process.
In addition, the IU-1000F can effectively print very small ink droplets, so that even with images that require smoothness such as fine gradations, the amount of ink consumed is minimal compared to using light color inks, achieving high-quality image quality while limiting ink consumption.
Furthermore, by adopting UV-LED lamps versus a conventional UV lamp system to cure the ink, the IU-1000F achieves energy savings, longer lamp life, and reduced downtime for maximizing profitability.

Increase the Scalability of Your Print Business with A Wide Range of Creative Versatility
The IU-1000F offers white, gloss, and primer inks in addition to CMYK process colors to support a wide range of printed applications. By utilizing highly opaque White ink, it can be used for applications that add unique designs to colored materials, and to make CMYK colors stand out on transparent acrylic panels, such as backlit signs and high-quality photo panels.
Clear gloss inks can be used for printing textures, raised effects like simulated embossing, and glossy spot varnish, too.

Flexible and User-friendly Flatbed Mechanism
The IU-1000F’s flatbed mechanism supports media up to 2,510 × 1,310 mm that can be laid out as one large board or arranged in multiple smaller panels.
It is equipped with media vacuum functions divided into 4 sections on a flat bed. Since the vacuum function can be enabled only in the area where the media is installed, it supports efficient and easy media loading. In addition, media alignment pins that can be activated with a single-button are installed at the corners of the flatbed, and print alignment can be easily matched with the origin point by pressing the media to them, which allows media replacement operation to be completed in a minimum amount of time.
The ink tanks and operation console are located on the front of the product body, enabling efficient product operation. The included Print Control software for operating the printer is also intuitive, requiring minimum learning time.

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Brochure: Roland 1U-1000F Large Format UV LED Printer

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